I love neurons

In the early stage of my professional live I focus a lot mixing together marketing and information technology. I started my IT career on a Sinclair ZX 81 and later on a Spectrum. I developed some database marketing campaigns on a 286 PC on a 30Mb hard drive – yes, mega bite not GB!

I fell in love with the Internet back in 1994. The first time I was connected to the web, using an analog 9.6 modem and dialup connection, I immediately understood the commercial potential of that media.

I developed some propensity to buy and churn risk scores on Clementine (SPSS) , SAS and later on Knime. Btw, Knime is cool and is free! (yes, it means you can get it at knime.com)

I fell in love again with Deep Machine Learning using Python as orchestrator of networks full of neurons. It is funny because I’m experiencing the same feeling I had back in 1994 when I was connected for the first time in my life to the Internet. Deep Machine Learning has a huge potential. It will change our lifes as Internet did.